Making Your Media Move

Connectic is an established provider of rich media tools and services for IBM Content repositories and intelligent storage systems. For over a decade our team of digital media professionals has been deploying “rich media” solutions using our tools and services that enhance Enterprise Content Management platforms. Connectic software – rich media tools that allow your media to move…

Connectic’s suite of software tools allow intelligent management of rich media for IBM Content Manager and FileNet P8. Our tools allow video and image transcoding, document conversion services, video streaming server integration to be seamlessly added to your existing enterprise content repository. The Connectic Media Processing Service may be installed on multiple servers for scalability. The services can connect to the same queue to distribute work, or connect to different queues to help balance workloads.

Our simple workflow modules install easily with IBM Content Manager or IBM FileNet P8 and automatically make your eClient or Workplace and Workplace XT clients media aware. All file types are automatically transcoded to web viewable formats and integrated with native web applications.

Our open approach allows customers or integrators flexibility in adopting to any existing data model. You can change the data model by modifying our storage class with a few lines of code in our Java file.

Also, since our functions are triggered via standard workflow calls, you can add, mix and match new functions as needed. Installation is easy – all three conversion engines can be installed in less than an hour. Connectic offers on site or remote assistance for installation and modification of our tools.

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